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Fantastic Contraption

About Fantastic Contraption

Fantastic Contraption is a whimsical building game for room-scale VR. Your goal is to build something with your own two hands that can take a squishy purple ball from the start (an area you can physically walk around in) to a goal somewhere in the distance. The tools are simple: spinning wheels and stretchable rods, but the solutions are limited only by your imagination.

Developer's Artistic Statement

We're focused on what is so amazing about room-scale VR like the HTC Vive: the feeling of actually being in another space. Naturally, you can walk around your contraption, you can grab and stretch pieces using your two hands. To detach two pieces, grab one with each hand and tug them apart just like you would in the real world. We worked hard to avoid things which would break the illusion of reality, to the extent that even our menu system is a tactile environment; a second world that you enter by putting on a helmet in the game.

We want people to play, above and beyond the rules of our game; we want you to just enjoy being in this surreal landscape of floating islands in the sky. You can juggle, make music, throw darts, do a jigsaw puzzle, play with light tracer balls, pet and nuzzle a strange alien cat.

For many people Fantastic Contraption will be one of the first immersive virtual reality experiences they have, and we want it to be one that people remember forever.



Developer Info

Colin Northway (Northway Games)
Programming, Design

Andy Moore (Radial Games)
Programming, Design

Lindsay Jorgensen (Radial Games)
Art, Design

Sarah Northway (Northway Games)

Gordon McGladdery
Sound, Music

Kimberly Voll (Radial Games)

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