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Fracture | AutomaTiles

About Fracture | AutomaTiles

Fracture is a competitive tabletop game where each player strives for diversity. Fracture uses a platform I invented called AutomaTiles, a set of smart hexagonal tiles that communicate with one another to determine the board state. In Fracture, the tiles simulate a population of different colors that simply want to be around colors different from themselves. Each player is assigned a color and is given the goal to keep the population together, but make their own color touch only other colors. Players quickly realize they need to manage their ability to prevent others from winning while moving themselves forward.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Fracture was inspired by the great work of Thomas Schelling and Nicky Case and Vi Hart's Parable of the Polygons. With seemingly small prejudices, good people in aggregate can emerge harmful acts, such as segregation. AutomaTiles are a platform for thinking about these simple singular behaviors and complex dynamics of the larger system. The game fracture capitalizes on the clarity of interrelations and the affordances of the AutomaTiles themselves. Players enjoy a game too complex to be played without computer intervention, but with the computers neatly hidden inside of every game piece.


Developer Info

Jonathan Bobrow, Lead
Mike Lazer-Walker, Game Designer
Joshua Sloane, Platform Developer
Celia Pearce, Game Designer
Jeanie Choi, Game Designer
Isabella Carlson, Game Designer

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