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October 11 - 13
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October 19 - 20
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Fractured Lands is an intense, drive to survive deathmatch where the sound of your heart pounding is drowned out only by the roar of a sea of engines. Strewn across a harsh, post-apocalyptic wasteland lie the weapons, gear and fuel you’ll need to earn a blood-soaked victory. Beat down, gun down and run down your enemies to be the lone wastelander standing. Your vehicle is your greatest weapon, strongest armor, and your lifeline. It’s ride or die in high-octane multiplayer manhunts where vehicular warfare injects a breakneck sense of speed and strategy into the Battle Royale landscape.

Developer's Artistic Statement

At Unbroken Studios, we are big believers that gameplay comes first, and we always strive to build our worlds around a solid gameplay concept. In Fractured Lands, we wanted to capture the sense of desperation and survival that are the core of last-man-standing games, and explore that in a setting that fits naturally, with vehicle mechanics that open up new gameplay possibilities and push the genre forward. What we’ve built is a post-apocalyptic sandbox that is full of possibilities, with so many weapons, vehicles, and game modes we are excited to build with our community.



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