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October 11 - 13
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October 19 - 20
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Game of 49

Chips in a row. Money under the table. Game on the line.

About Game of 49

Casual gamers, strategy gamers, and family gamers have been won over by “The Game of 49”: at PAX East; at the Boston Festival of Indie Games; at the Unpub 4 Board Game Expo; at International Tabletop Day gatherings; and on game nights everywhere our travels have taken us.

The game components are classic: board, cards, chips, play money. The objective is familiar: get 4-in-a-row to win. But when you limit players’ starting cash to $49 and make every turn a bidding war, the result is a game of meticulous money management, feverish face-offs, and surprising subtlety.

$49 to spend. 49 spaces up for auction. 4 in a row to win. Bidding wars. Budget woes. Admit it: This game has your number. It’s 49!  


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