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Giant Cop: Justice Above All

About Giant Cop: Justice Above All

Giant Cop is a 70s styled, open world, narrative driven game designed for VR. You ARE Giant Cop it’s your first day on the job and you need to hit the ground running in order to keep the citizens of Micro City safe. Use your size to your advantage as you tower high above the city’s streets enforcing the law. In Micro City’s open world, how you maintain order is up to you! Will you manage the city with an iron fist, or a soft hand? Giant Cop: Justice Above All is launching first on Oculus Rift + Touch, in December 2016, with HTC Vive and PSVR to follow.

Developer's Artistic Statement

With Giant Cop we want to create a meaningful game on the first generation of consumer VR systems, but we don't want the tech to be the entire focus. VR gives the player an amazing sense of presence, but that isn't enough to make a compelling game. We want to tell a story that matters. Giant Cop will be a satirical and humorous take on Police/Police State culture. We are using real-world examples, like the recent FBI-Apple case, we are crafting a story line and mechanics that allow us to have our say in a fun and engaging way.



Developer Info

Ryan Hale - Studio Head
Stephen Jeffers - Producer
Jordan Galbraith - Associate Producer
Marc McGinley - Lead Designer
Curtis Collier - Designer
Jon Lambe - Lead Artist
Chris Zerebecki - Lead Programmer

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