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October 11 - 13
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About I.C.U.

I.C.U. is an experimental first person horror game in which the player must survive a dystopian TV show that thrives on broadcasting the death of their contestants. In I.C.U. your audience decides your fate as the player’s live Twitch chat votes for events that’ll affect the player’s experience in-game. Performance is key in I.C.U. as your life expectancy is tied to how well you can entertain your viewers!

Developer's Artistic Statement

I.C.U. was inspired by the emotional experience of livestreamers who make their living playing games for anonymous audiences. The game's director, Keenan Mosimann grew up producing videos under the online alias "Criken" and experienced what it was like to keep viewers happy by producing entertaining content regularly. Appeasing the wants of an invisible audience is a uniquely surreal and sometimes unnerving experience- and I.C.U. aims to capture that emotion by literally putting the viewers in charge of elements of the game world. (Similar to how a Game Master runs a role-playing game)



Developer Info

I.C.U. is developed by a team of students from USC and the greater Los Angeles area. The current prototype was developed over one year and is planned to continue development for an eventual release in the near future.

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