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Ideal Meal

About Ideal Meal

Ideal Meal is a cooperative field game all about making a humongous bowl of ramen! Armed only with a pair of giant chopsticks, up to four players work together to handle handcrafted, scaled-up larger than life ramen ingredients. However, making the Ideal Meal isn’t as easy as it sounds. Players also need to complete wacky challenges according to a recipe to properly prepare an ingredient, which could mean anything from hopping on one foot while holding a dumpling to throwing and catching a huge shrimp three times in a row. Making the ideal meal isn’t easy, and it will take everyone’s culinary expertise to do it!

Originally made as a class project between two of the developers, the concept for Ideal Meal started as a joke at a meeting—“What if we made a game about holding a giant dumpling with chopsticks?”—that quickly got out of hand. The first thing on the team’s mind when designing is play. The intent was to create a game which provoked play with its mere presence, one exuding whimsicality which drew people in.

Developer's Artistic Statement

The artistic goal of making Ideal Meal was to create a game which promoted play with its mere presence. We wanted people to walk into a room, see Ideal Meal, and immediately be interested in playing around with it, even if they had no idea what the game was. When developing the game, fun was always at the forefront of our minds. Ideal Meal has been play-tested over one hundred times with hundreds of people, and our team has spent countless late nights together poring over data from these tests to see how we could further improve our play experience.

Through our game, we are working to deliver a unique experience drawing together gamers and non-gamers alike with as much fun as possible. We want to encourage friends, family, and even strangers to come together with a common goal in mind, and have seen many unlikely friendships forged over noodle-wrangling and shrimp tossing. Ideal Meal’s easy-to-learn rules and mechanics along with its whimsical premise have made it into a game that almost everyone can pick up and enjoy in only a few minutes.



Developer Info

Designer, Artist, Material Crafter - Kai Nyame Drayton-Yee

Producer - Nicholas Roush

Designer, Documentation, Social Media Coordinator - Madeleine Smiley

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