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Inner Activity

About Inner Activity

Inner Activity is a multi-sensory virtual reality experience presented as a physical art installation. It utilizes the Oculus Rift DK2, a tactile bass system called the Subpac and natural essential oils to simultaneously stimulate the audiovisual, haptic and olefactory senses. The synchronized multi-sensory feedback aims to faciliate disconnecting from the real world in order to fully immerse a participant in a virtual world.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Inner Activity is born out of the combination of interactive and game technologies, sound healing and vibro-acoustic therapy techniques, physical set design and concepts from meditation and spirituality. It explores the ritual of transitioning from the real world to the virtual world, as well as the therapeutic effects that a participant can have in a multi sensory virtual reality experience. The curated set design evokes a spiritual atmosphere through the use of visual motifs from Indian and Islamic sacred spaces. Participants go through the ritual of removing their footwear before entering the sacred space, strapping on the electronic hardware and being transported into another reality where they have a multi-sensory mystical experience. Inspired by ancient sound healing techniques and contemporary infrasound therapy, it utilizes experimental sound design using tactile vibration as an artistic tool to make an entertaining and immersive experience feel therapeutic. It aspires to be an interactive medium to facilitate heightened self awareness, wellness and bridge the gap between entertainment and therapy technologies.



Developer Info

Anshul Pendse (Creative Director)
Natalie Gravier (Art DIrector)
David Deedwania (Sound Designer)
Sagar Ramesh (CG Artist)
Zekia Zhan (Cinematography)

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