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Just Shapes & Beats

About Just Shapes & Beats

Just Shapes & Beats is a game about shapes, and about beats. You play as a shape, with up to four friends which are also shapes, and avoid beats, which are also shapes. The players' only goal is to survive the musical assault for the duration of the track and to help each other when one of them fails. Chaos, madness, fun, and various expletive words are usually used to explain Just Shapes & Beats.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Just Shapes & Beats is basically what it says it is.

It's inspired by the hellish shootem ups mixed with the slick aesthetics of the critically acclaimed twitch game Super Hexagon, throw a pinch of madness and CoOp playstyle and you have a "why-am-I-having-so-much-fun-dying-all-the-time" party game.

We tried our darnest to re-create a very arcade-y experience where within a minute you got the controls and basic game mechanics down, now all you need is to get good at it and keep on your toes for whatever comes next.

We plan to feature rad tracks from 20+ incredible indie chiptune artists and try our best to celebrate those tunes with every handmade stages inspired by them; because there's no party like a chiptune party.



Developer Info

Lachhh: Game Designer
Em: Visuals
Mike: Word Wizard

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