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About Kaisuo

Kaisuo is a virtual reality puzzle game about opening Chinese puzzle boxes that unlock surreal worlds. Chinese puzzle boxes are wooden boxes that can only be unlocked through a series of discoveries and puzzles. In Kaisuo, the puzzle boxes are tied to the environments they are in. Slide open panels to move entire walls, insert keys to push obstacles from your path, and change the world around you. Our game has a focus on fine motor controls in VR, as we want players to use precision and dexterity to interact with the puzzles in the world. Use the Oculus Touch controllers to precisely interact with the world via complex puzzles and tools that deliver fine haptic feedback and alter your surrounding with your fingertips.

Developer's Artistic Statement

“To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.” -- William Blake, Auguries of Innocence

Every day at 6 PM, the red lanterns strung across Jiufen, an old Taiwanese mining town, light up as the last visage of sunlight sinks beneath the sea. It can be said, that in its own way, this is the Witching Hour, a Eureka moment, where the illuminated lanterns literally represent an hour of clarity in which anything can happen. Kaisuo is about this moment of humbling profoundness, to see for a moment how little one understands about the world. The game allows the player to wield the power to move the world at their fingertips and to “shift their own perspective”.

My mother worked as a docent at the National Palace Museum, and she would often take me to visit the exhibits there during my childhood. My favorite exhibit was the curio boxes: elegantly made wooden boxes engraved with poetry and patterns, which were used to curate and store important treasures. Puzzle boxes evoked a sense of curiosity and a sense of delight because they possess the ability to not only be a puzzle, but also be an object of discovery. One has to inspect each box carefully to discover what parts move or even influence each other. The discovery of these precise “connections” is the key to unlocking Kaisuo. The pieces of Kaisuo’s curio boxes do not merely connect to each other, but to the larger world the player is in. The delicate shift of the panel moves an entire wall, revealing the pagoda, waiting in the mist. Then, with a twist of the box, the entire floor suddenly rumbles and rotates, stone grinding against stone, as you ascend upwards into the unknown. This juxtaposition of controlling a delicate object to move something grand, an experience of sheer scale and wonder, is the Eureka moment, the humbling profoundness I seek to illuminate.



Developer Info

Valerie Lin - Director,
Eric Hsieh - Lead Designer,
Anek (Nick) Baweja - Designer,
Tristan Bridge - Designer,
Naomi Jade - Lead Producer,
Kenneth Chen - Producer,
Sara Chen - Producer,
Michael Duan - Lead Engineer,
Jason Hwang - Engineer,
Noah Bukhari - Engineer,
Jesse Werner - Engineer,
Zijing Liu - Engineer,
Sneha Patkar - Engineer,
Qingzhou (Steven) Tang - Lead Art,
Rena Chen - Artist,
Cynthia Liang - Artist,
Yimin Zhang - Artist,
Joule Han - Artist,
Joey Tan - 2D Artist,
Aimee Zhang - 2D Artist,
Thomas Kelleher - Lead Audio Designer,
Adam Barnett - Composer,
Kayla Behforouz - Singer,
Katherine Moses - Lead Usability,
Josh Lai - Usability

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