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Kill the Kraken!

About Kill the Kraken!

Pool noodles, throwing socks, basket poles, and hula-hoops come together in one fierce game: Kill the Kraken!

A fast paced asymmetric-team field game for 8 to 14 players, Kill the Kraken! is inspired by Humans vs Zombies and simulates a humans vs monster scenario; but rather than pitting human players against a horde of Zombies, Kill the Kraken! pits them against a single giant enemy.


Developer Info

James Earl Cox III is a digital wizard in USC's Interactive Media and Design graduate program. Over the past three years, he has created 50+ games; some digital, some non-digital, and some in that funny area between the two. Most of them can be found on his site:, while the remaining float lazily through the Internet.

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