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Long Take

About Long Take

Long Take is 2nd person platformer game. basically it's a platformer game BUT you aren't a player in the game. You're a camera man instead! So you should keep the hero in your camera frame to make a great action scenes.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Long Take is made for GGJ 14. The theme of jam was “We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are". We wanted to twist the perspective of "game play" along this theme. In general, people think that ‘gameplay’ is ‘control something like main character in the game’. However in our game, player should keep seeing the character instead of control it. Is it possible to make a ‘gameplay’ without any ‘gameplay’? Our experiment was started with this. While playing this game, you would feel that you’re controlling the game character even though you’re just seeing him!



Developer Info

Turtle Cream is an independent game studio based in Seoul, South Korea. The team strive to create 'small but unique' gameplay.