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Magic Dance Mirror

About Magic Dance Mirror

The Magic Dance Mirror is an interactive visual music and dance experience. It creates stylized mirror image of those using it with dynamic animated visuals based on a users movement, audio, and social interactions. The visual experience rewards movement, dance, and dancing together with beautiful real-time animations. The range of possible visuals created by the user is as endless as your possible movements. Not a typical game in tat there is no way to “win” or “loose”. But the goal is to primarily explore and let you own movements and sounds entertain you and others. The Magic Dance Mirror is fun for all ages and promotes exercise and healthy self expression from a night club stage to your living room.

Developer's Artistic Statement

The Magic Dance Mirror was inspired by Burning Man and the immersive art there. While it is a place with a very active and open audience it is also an environment with incredible distraction. To make something to truly immerse there you have to compete with loud fiery explosions, giant unicorns, naked dancing girls and famous DJ’s. The gratitude I received from early versions of this project I shared there was invaluable. The amount I learned from watching people explore inspired me to deepen the project and progress it’s potential audience reach. I look forward to evolving this game by continuing to watch people play with it. The invention of the user is the most exciting thing for me to observe and react to in the next phase of devolvement.



Developer Info

I assembled the team by recruiting online. I know this isn’t the typical garage startup story but in reality each one of us are pretty unique and represent a broad range of talents and interests.
Kyle Ruddick- Game Director, Project Management
Jan Kaluza – Lead Unreal Developer
Chris Murphy – Unreal Developer
Alex Turda – Developer C++
Robert Brown – 3d Asset development
Mickael Azzam – Demo Development
Paramjot Singh Takker – Project Management/recruiting

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