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Magic Interaction

About Magic Interaction

"Magic Interaction" is a set of prototypes including Fool's Gold Machine and Invisible Roulette. Subverting traditional design features of gambling and exploring the relationship between game design and emerging play experiences, the objective is to reveal and criticize through gameplay the real essence of gambling.
Magic Interaction is a project by Annamaria Andrea Vitali, a design PhD candidate from Politecnico di Milano. She believes in videogames as expressive tool both for designer and players and she is currently exploring through some experimental games, how aesthetics, perceptive and intangible languages of digital medium contribute to meaningful play and player’s sense making processes.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Recently, she collaborated with Jacob Benjamin Goldfarb, Martyna Zych, Vaida Plankyte for the design of "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out". With this game they want to help people who do not know what anxiety is like to better understand it, by actually putting them in the place of a character that experiences it.

Through their innovative use of gameplay experience, the developers are experimenting with ways to make the players understand and feel diverse emotional states and cognitive phenomena - to do so, they are also looking at various types of mental illness, including depression."


  • Developer: Annamaria Andrea Vitali

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