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Maze of the Blue Medusa

About Maze of the Blue Medusa

Infinite broken night. Milky alien moons. Wavering demons of gold. Held in this jail of immortal threats are three perfect sisters...

Maze of the Blue Medusa is a dungeon. Maze of the Blue Medusa is art. Maze of the Blue Medusa works with your favorite fantasy tabletop RPGs. And Maze of the Blue Medusa is the madly innovative game book from the award-winning Zak Sabbath of A Red & Pleasant Land and Patrick Stuart of Deep Carbon Observatory. Lethal gardens, soul-rending art galleries, infernal machines—Maze of the Blue Medusa reads like the poetic nightmare of civilizations rotted to time, and plays like a puzzle-box built from risk and weird spectacle.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Maze of the Blue Medusa began to coalesce when Zak Sabbath finished a huge painting that resembled a dungeon filled with strange art, horrendous creatures, beautiful and lethal women, inexplicable machines, and haunting personas. Zak sent this painting to the games writer Patrick Stuart, who then keyed the dungeon with innovative, poetic, and surprising prose. Zak and Patrick passed the text back and forth a few times, honing the game's mechanics and trying to create "The Hyperfunctional Megadungeon for the 21st Century", i.e. the best dungeon/adventure module ever published. As publisher, I hired the designer (Anton Khodakovsky), and we spent about a year on making a tabletop RPG book that is more intuitively functional and evocative than any other yet published, featuring cross-referenced room numbers, conveniently-split "zones" for the Maze, a Cast of Characters section that summarizes the chief NPCs' relations and desires, UI-focused font and layout choices, and easy-to-use maps and tables spread throughout. Our goal was to make a tabletop RPG book in which every page was useful for GMs and evocative for readers, and a tabletop RPG book which pushes the industry forward into better design, more beautiful art, and more exciting ideas.

Developer Info

Art by Zak Sabbath. Text by Patrick Stuart and Zak Sabbath. Cover and interior design by Anton Khodakovsky. Published by Ken Baumann.

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