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October 11 - 13
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Mimic Arena

About Mimic Arena

Fight alongside your past selves in this techno bullet hell arena. You must master the arts of jump, shoot, and repeat if you wish to stand a chance. Jump off walls to avoid the onslaught of bullets heading your way. Shoot an assortment of weapons that blanket the battlefield in brightly colored destruction. Execute advanced flanking maneuvers with your former self to gain the upper hand.

Developer's Artistic Statement

This game actually started from the global game jam 2014. The prompt was "We don't see the things they are we see them we are." It became a simple game about fighting against recordings of your past self. All my peers loved the idea so I continued working on it over my current project at the time. Before I knew it, I was working with an artist, showing off at big events, and even started my own LLC. I wanted Mimic Arena to be simple and approachable yet still offer something to players to master.



Developer Info

David Tyler Edwards - Lead developer
Hagen Deloss - Artist
Megan McDuffee - Music

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