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Myriad is a beatmatched crystallization of arcade aesthetics. A game that grows more and more beautiful the better you play, where you make and break worlds, control time and bend space -- all for one thing: Performance.

About Myriad

Myriad’s rules are simple: Enemies chase you, but defeating them only multiplies their numbers. Defeated enemies expand your world – until you blow it apart in a gloriously destructive chain reaction that clears the screen, upgrades your weapons and lets you do it all again but bigger and better.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Myriad started with a simple idea: Players build game spaces through play. During the design process and across dozens of iterations, the premise was explored and condensed into a statement: Player performance is an expression.

Playing Myriad feels like expression, exploration and challenge all at once. It is a very classical game system, strongly inspired by Japanese arcade games and the notion of game loops. Myriad is a loop of rhythms, relationships and agency that creates ephemeral, functional game spaces and stark, beautiful imagery, all beatmatched to a melodic, energetic soundtrack.

Another design goal was to fully explore the possibilities of the game system, and ensure that every action taken, every choice made causes meaningful change in the game system and yields a clear response. Myriad is as dense, dynamic and organic as I could make it.

It is also as beautiful as I could make it, and the complimentary colour and primitive shapes attempt to show the mechanics and the dynamics of the system completely naked, shorn of metaphor and fiction, presenting the game as it is, rather than trying to explain and justify it.

Myriad has no meaning outside of your performance. It needs you to become.



Developer Info

Bifrost Entertainment is a small company set up in Oslo, Norway. We have a single full-time employee; and work remotely using Slack & Trello to manage our communication and code.

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