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Night in the Woods

The world is changing, things are ending, and the future is uncertain.

About Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods will take you back to that time in your life when you crossed the line from childhood to adulthood. As you play this coming of age story- about life's inevitability through the eyes of a 19 year old sarcastic college drop out- you will experience some of the best writing ever put in a video game and some of the most beautiful art and animation too. Night in the Woods hasn't been done before- and when you play it, you will understand why the game is such an amazing undertaking for a team of 3.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Night in the Woods is inspired by the small towns on the east cost that lost their industry in the last half century. Co-writer Bethany grew up in this area of the world and is fascinated by the histories of why people go and why people stay. Both Scott and Alec want to tell stories- personal stories that also mine their backgrounds of faith, music, punk rock, growing up, depression and being a kid at that pivotal moment when things can go one way or the other. Night in the Woods is a culmination of over a hundred thousand words and 10+ hours of gameplay. It is about the inevitability of death and pizza parties after all.



Developer Info

Scott Benson: Co-Designer, Co-writer, Artist, Animator
Alec Holowka: Co-Designer, Programmer, Musician
Bethany Hockenberry: Co-Designer, Co-writer

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