IndieCade Festival
October 11 - 13
Los Angeles, CA
IndieCade Europe
October 19 - 20
Paris, France


About Obduction

Everyday life is gone. An organic artifact that fell from the heavens inexplicably transports you across the universe. Here you are in a strange place called Hunrath, with pieces of earth scattered within an alien landscape. Nobody’s here ­ well... almost nobody. Explore, uncover, solve, decide. This is your story now.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Obduction is an all-new, real-time, first-person adventure that harkens back to the spirit of Cyan’s earlier games Myst and Riven. Obduction resurrects that feeling of suddenly finding yourself in the middle of a new world to explore, discover, solve, and become part of.

Cyan is widely associated with a unique kind of gaming - immersive worlds where the point is to understand your environment rather than test your reflexes. Obduction takes what Cyan knows about creating deeply immersive worlds and applies it to an entirely new game with stunning landscapes, deep storyline, engaging characters, dramatic soundscapes, and challenging yet intuitive puzzles. Obduction is an adventure game for the new millennium that stays true to the concepts that made the genre great.



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