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October 11 - 13
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October 19 - 20
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About Overdose

Overdose is a meditative game about the experience of medicating a chronic illness. Players move through the story of someone dealing with their disease, while using colored pills to balance out their health. Taking a pill of the opposite color will return your state to an even keel, but every medication has its side effects.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Overdose reflects the experiences of Jen and her family in dealing with chronic illness and the ongoing process of medicating it. The simple interaction method and meditative music allow the player to focus on the narrative as well as the psychadelic visuals of the medicines and their side effects. Players try to keep in the rhythm of every day life while their medications do everything they can to disrupt that order.



Developer Info

Jen Allaway, Game Design and Writing
Jon Moormann, Game Design and Coding
Osvaldo Andraeus, Graphic Design
Jesse Laing, Audio Design

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