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Party Animal Party

A game to celebrate the party animal in us all.

About Party Animal Party

Party Animal Party is a four player card and dancing game for all ages. During each round you've got 5 seconds to invent a spontaneous animal inspired dance according to the card drawn by the judging player. An experience that welcomes comedy, creativity, and dance--it's a game to celebrate the animal nature in us all.

Developer's Artistic Statement

This game was created during Fall 2014 for Richard Lemarchand's CTIN 541 Design for Interactive Media class at the University of Southern California's Interactive Media and Games Division. Our assignment was to create "meaningful play" so as a team we decided to create a fun all ages animal themed game to help players let loose and discover a fun, physical, and expressive side to themselves with each other. Through several iterations we discovered the hilarious and creative opportunities Party Animal Party spontaneously creates.

  • Platform: Real Life
  • Developer: Malika Lim

Developer Info

Malika Lim, Alejandro Quan-Madrid, and Rob Finney are a trio of USC Games students who harnessed their inner spirit animals to host a Party Animal Party. They want to use the game to help you find your jungle boogie 2-step.

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