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Pleasant Dreams

Stack the deck in an attempt to control your fate and overcome the horrors that lie within this competitive dreaming game. You will either pleasantly dream your way to victory or wake up screaming!

About Pleasant Dreams

You are in a deep sleep; your mind is filled with Pleasant Dreams. As the night wears on, dream fragments conspire to lead you on a nightmarish journey. When bliss twists into terror, will you succumb to shock or sustain your slumber?

(1-2 Players. 5 Minutes to Play. Ages 14+)

Developer's Artistic Statement

Pleasant Dreams was created to explore the feeling of a dream turning into a nightmare within a card game. Both the art and game mechanics have been sculpted to best support this theme. In a two-player game of Pleasant Dreams, there is a palpable tension between the upcoming cards and reading your opponent's mind. The simplicity in the rules allows players to quickly develop a fluency in the mechanics, and force them to focus on each other rather than just the mechanics of the game.



Developer Info

Aerjen is a game designer, psychologist and coffee lover. He likes to use his background in psychology when working on theme, art and usability in his games. This is reflected in how he designed Pleasant Dreams. For this game the starting point was wanting to evoke an experience rather than a theme or mechanic.

When he's not working as a therapist trying to figure out how humans work, he plays games and tries to figure out how humans work.

He's developed and taught several courses on game design, was one of the directors of the Boston Festival of Indie Games and chair of the board for the Game Makers Guild.

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