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Punch The Custard

About Punch The Custard

Exactly what it sounds like - a game about being the best at punching a bowl of custard. An actual bowl of custard. More specifically -- it's a game for two players. Each player has to punch their bowl of custard as many times as they can in a minute. The computer counts the number of times you've punched it. Occasionally, you will be told to stop punching, to give your arm a rest and to keep you on your toes. The game is about sudden physical exertion, surprising strategies, weird textures and slapping sounds.

Developer's Artistic Statement

The game is a realization of a funny name for a game, with every element trying to make that joke both funnier and more genuinely engrossing. So, first off : custard (or, more technically, oobleck) is a really weird thing to play with. It has a strange and interesting texture that is satisfying all by itself. It gloops through your hands, then crumbles in your fist. Hitting the surface of it is at once solid and liquid at the same time. (also it makes a amusing sound) But once you're playing, you're suddenly engrossed in a surprisingly intense physical experience. It's hard to keep going for a full minute, no matter how strong you are (and strength doesn't necessarily help). But you keep on, shifting from one stance to another in an attempt to use new sets of muscles. You focus on the custard -- and ooops, you've lost some points because you took your attention from the PUNCH/DON'T PUNCH sign. I also make an effort to run the game with as strong a theme of "kitchen" as is practical. For example, I leave the tubs of Bird's Custard on the table, wear and apron, use mixing bowls and kitchen foil. The game is especially popular with kids - this makes the game both less intimidating and more transparent, demystifying the act of creation and the science and technology behind it.



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