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October 11 - 13
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October 19 - 20
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About Reigns

Reigns is a card game which could be described as "Tinder meets Royals". It's a game where you play a King taking decisions, with a court room full of crazy and silly advisors. Each of your decisions have terrible consequences, immediately or later. You probably won't last very long, and another King will take your throne. And another, and another...

Developer's Artistic Statement

Reigns is born from a silly question: "could you use the unforgivable binary mechanic of Tinder to govern a country?" This simple mechanic turned out to have a lot of depth, so we decided to push it forward, building a complete narrative system behind the scene to handle the consequences of each of the King's answers.



Developer Info

Fran├žois Alliot - dev & design
Mieko Murakami - art & design
Disasterpeace - music
Eric Van Amerongen - sound design

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