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RESISTOR_ is a card game in which you play as one of two supercomputers, DEEP RED or BLU9000, bent on destroying one another. You manipulate double-sided cards on the board and in each other’s hands to connect a line from your base to your enemy’s base, hacking their mainframe and destroying their CPU. The game seems simple at first, but the strategy embedded within the gameplay becomes apparent very quickly. Memory can be key as cards are flipped over, and you must work within the confines of three distinct moves to simultaneously attack and defend. It’s a fast (20 minute) competitive game for two players, ages 8 to 80.

Developer's Artistic Statement

We created RESISTOR_ at a monthly Game Jam at Cipher Prime's Dev Night. The theme was to choose an Oasis song and make a game from it, and the song title we chose was "Roll It Over." That was where we first came up with the card flipping mechanic, which we kept through all iterations of the game. We began the game with simple single and double lines, and then decided to change the theme to computer components, which really evolved organically. We are really proud of the design, and feel the idea of hacking another computer is both interesting and lends itself easily to strategy. RESISTOR_ seems simple, and it's easy to learn, but can be difficult to master.



Developer Info

Anthony Amato - game designer, graphic designer
Nicole Kline - game designer

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