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About Revisions

REVISIONS is an autobiographical, metafictional vignette game for Windows and MAC OS. Players join the game's creator through a series of minigames chronicling past trauma. Then, the designer invites the players to re-examine these vignettes by giving them behind-the-scenes access to each vignette.

Developer's Artistic Statement

REVISIONS is Steve Cha's USC MFA Thesis project. The game is a study in metafiction as both commentary and personal expression. Inspired by self-aware works such as M. Butterfly, Annie Hall and Stanley Parable, REVISIONS finds the game's designer revealing to the player illusions/shortcuts common in game design and discusses how these illusions are applicable to falsehoods in life and in .

The original prototype played with simple illusions, showing images first in 2D orthographic before switching to 3D perspective camera. Images that were whole reveal themselves to be fragmented; characters that seemed close reveal themselves as far apart. The initial success of these prototypes launched the game's creator into a study of how games deceive us, and how these deceptions are metaphorical to the way memories deceive us.



Developer Info

Steve Cha, Creative Director & Game Director
Xiaoliang Shen, Producer
Bethany Martin, Art Director
Christina Orcutt, Visual Artist
Allison Comrie, UI Artist
Cynthia Cantrell, Visual Artist
Dave Yan, Engineer
Jung-ho Sohn, Tech Artist
Thomas Lu, Tech Artist
Yiwen Dai, Tech Artist
Jesse Mandapat, Sound Designer
Steven Pranoto, Composer
Patrick Quah, Editor

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