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Room at the Top

About Room at the Top

In creative industries, who is on your team matters. For all our knowledge about the potential unlocked by diverse and inclusive groups, organizations still struggle to collaborate across differences--choosing, even unconsciously, to work with people “like us.” This game is a playful intervention.

Room at the Top is a massively multiplayer card game for groups from 12-200 people that challenges assumptions about how we collaborate in creative environments. Players take on the role of interplanetary media-makers and compete both as individuals and groups to win the top prize in an intergalactic media festival. Over the course of the game, players hailing from four different planets are challenged to collaborate to create the best creative work, but must pit their individual goals against that of the group. These goals are designed to highlight real-world biases, so players are motivated to work with people similar to them (from the same planet, wearing the same shoes, etc.) to achieve a personal victory. Like in the real world, some players are more powerful than others because of the resources they (and their home planet) bring to the table. Players must balance power and influence, personalities, and creative output to win. In pursuit of success, how do we weigh our own vision with our team’s strategy? Create, negotiate, and compete in a race to achieve success!


Developer Info

Miranda Banks, Creator and Co-writer
Sam Liberty, Co-Writer
Jess Weaver, Researcher
Made at The Engagement Lab at Emerson College

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