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About Sisters

Sisters is a demo for the HTC-Vive that puts players in a room within a haunted house. Players can explore and look around the room, wielding a flashlight as their only tool, to discover story hints and experience the haunting that will begin unfolding around them.

It began as an experiment on the HTC-Vive to play with techniques in directing player attention in VR. A horror demo, Sisters uses jump scares, ghosts, and spatial audio to ensure a fun and spooky experience.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Sisters on Vive is a continuation of our popular Sisters franchise. We began working on it when we first got our hands on the HTC-Vive as a means of exploring room-tracked VR design.

Sisters plays with a bunch of different techniques to guide user attention and create a compelling and scary experience. We've carefully designed the soundscape, visual cues, and environment. With extensive playtesting we've made sure that each player will move through the environment in much the same way, despite the new freedom to physically walk around in the space. This involved adapting a lot of game design principles for VR.

Sisters represents our work in VR horror. It's a proof of concept in terms of providing fun scares and grabbing player attention. From this foundation we're moving into more interactions and puzzle solving.



Developer Info

Robyn Gray: Director
Andrew Goldstein: Executive Producer
Philip Eberhart: Audio Director

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