Stone Story

About Stone Story

Stone Story is an incremental RPG presented in a richly animated ASCII art style.

The casual gameplay contrasts with the retro visuals, providing a unique experience that mixes RPG progression with resource management and collectibility. Notably, you don't control the main character directly. Instead, you tell it where to go and what items to use, as if you had a bot in an mmo.

Stone Story is intended to be published on Mobile, Steam/PC and web, somewhere in 2017.



Developer Info

Gabriel Santos - designer, author
Rafael Langoni Smith - Audio

Developer's Artistic Statement

Stone Story is born from a desire to explore the limits of ASCII as an art form, expanding it in ways never before seen. In the belief that constraints drive creation, all art in the game is typed in plain text, rendered in a four color palette and with a table of 256 symbols.

The line style seen in Stone Story is influenced by the works of artist Joan G. Stark.

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