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October 11 - 13
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October 19 - 20
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About Tendar

Tendar will take you on a wild, hilarious, and sometimes weird journey hosted by a cute, sentient AR guppy that loves pictures of shoes and the taste of your emotions.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Through Tendar’s critical and creative integration of AR and mobile vision, the project seeks to impact early discussions around these technologies. If we imagine a future where AR fulfils its techo-utopian dream of blanketing our world with layers of information . . . how might we “read” others? What if we had a layer of info about how they “really” felt? TendAR is a social/performative AR project that considers how AR could shape our relationships and how we “read” the world around us. Many games/experiences think about AR as confined to “table top.” We wanted to explore what it means to have AR “room-scale” and actually take full advantage of recognizing world objects in a meaningful, story-driven way.

Through the entertaining guise of an AI pet fish (neural network trained to read human biometrics) players encounter questions about how we connect with each other in a future world when our very emotions, and interactions are recorded and processed by smart algorithms for purposes of commerce. Furthermore, Tendar fosters discussion about the future of AI and what it may reveal about our personal and societal profiles. Even now, emotion recognition data has value, yet if our emotions are reduced to simple categories, what remains of the nuance that makes us human, that enables us to connect to each other beyond the screen?



Developer Info

Danny Cannizzaro

Samantha Gorman

Neilson Koerner-Safrata

Tanya Leal Soto

Joe Waetcher
Writing Lead


Mitch Mastroni

Julian Ceipek

Will Anderson


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