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The Big Journey

About The Big Journey

The Big Journey is the story of Nina Samay, a cañari [Caɲari] young boy who must face the invasion of the Inka Empire, an historical event that took place in what is currently known as Ecuador.

In the 1500 AD, Nina Samay, who is only 15 years old, must reach the city of Shabalula, the biggest center of the Cañari Nation, to find his parents and brothers and the rest of the Cañari Nation to face the expansion of the Inka Empire.

Join him through this Big Journey, a trip full of adventures and dangers with the help of the Cañari Gods.

Developer's Artistic Statement

It is an artistic proposal of a figurative character based on an ancestral research of the Ecuadorian Cañari [Caɲari] culture. It is also based on an real existing geographical environment.



Developer Info

Director: Ernesto Santos L.
Concept Artist: Andrés Montesinos, Xavier Cuenca.
3D low poly modeler: María Eliza Gutiérrez, Wilson Cevallos, Ernesto Santos L.
3D high poly modeler: Ernesto Santos L., Andrés Montesinos.
Rigging and Animation: Ernesto Santos L.
Programmer: Ernesto Santos L.
Interface designer: Andrés Montesinos.
Music composer: Carlos Freire Soria.
Sound mixer: Andrei Pacheco.
Sound Designer: Jonathan Ruiz.
English translator: José Boroto Carrasco.
Ethnohistorical source: Tamara Landivar.

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