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The Black Widow

About The Black Widow

An interactive murder mystery unraveled by communicating through a spirit board with the dead …literally. Faithfully reenacted from the original court records and letters, players investigate the true case of Australia’s first female serial killer. Users are free to ask their own questions to determine whether she was truly guilty, or unjustly executed.

This provocative format challenges players to reflect on their own prejudices and reconsider the verdict of a contentious legal case. Was the accused a callous adulteress, drunkard, and liar, or a victim of sexist expectations?

Developer's Artistic Statement

Most games are fiction. The Black Widow is not only based on true events, it exploits the actual court statements originally used to arrive at a verdict. Contemporary legal analysis of this case resulted in a different verdict from the historical outcome. By cross-examining the accused through the game, players are actually re-examining the case because court cases proceed as analyses of stories. Re-assessing history has potential implications for public policy, education and society in general.



Developer Info

Richard Fox - Creator
Amber Cunliffe - Actor

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