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October 11 - 13
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The Forger

About The Forger

The Forger is a game about making fake art and pretending it’s real. Your goal is to fill the gallery wall with fake art. In every round there’s a real artist, a fake artist and a curator. The curator works for the gallery and decides which art gets put on the walls. Both the real artist and the fake artist make a drawing then tell a story about the inspiration for their work. Why did you draw what you drew? What does it symbolize? Tell the curator an interesting story and they might think your fake art is real.

Developer's Artistic Statement

Our game has two versions -- a tabletop version, and one that’s played in an art gallery. In each round, when the real art gets chosen, it gets put directly on the gallery wall -- an accomplishment for most players! The gallery version has been played at several galleries and festivals. We’ve watched people of different ages and races play and love our game. During one of these events, we were told that it was the most engaging piece of the show. Many players take selfies in front of their work before the night is done. Our game provokes players to think about the significance of art institutions and what makes good art, but the core of what drives us to create this game is the fun. It’s fun to play with friends, and it’s fun to play to make new friends.



Developer Info

Michelle Calabro - co-creator
Jaehyun Kim - co-creator

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