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The Locker

About The Locker

The Locker is a mixed-reality installation game in which you explore physical artifacts with your hands and reveal memories using a bewitched magnifying glass.

When you receive a note from Jade, a mysterious student at your high school who has recently gone missing, you decide to do some snooping. Inside her locker, you find diary entries to read, physical puzzles to solve, artifacts to investigate, and memories to reveal.

The Locker will tickle your senses with its unique combination of physical exploration, puzzle solving, and cinema.

Developer's Artistic Statement

The act of exploration doesn’t just belong on a screen. When we’re immersed in story, we want to smell it, touch it, probe it, engage with it. The Locker empowers players to physically snoop through the personal belongings of the protagonist and solve the puzzles she left behind. With each clue they uncover, players reveal bits of her story through film.

We sought to seamlessly blend these physical and digital elements, and found a way to do that with an augmented reality lens. To bring out the player’s inner detective, we embedded that lens in a magnifying glass. Players grab the handle and examine objects just as they would have seen in an old Shelby Woo episode.

As players peer through the magnifying glass at an artifact, they reveal the protagonist’s memories of that artifact in the form of a film vignette. The power to see the history of objects was inspired by Octavia Butler’s “Mind of My Mind,” an Afro-Futurist novel about a secret international community of telepaths.


Developer Info

Lishan AZ: Game Designer, Director, Writer
Chao Chen: Game Designer, VFX Designer
Alex Heinrich: Composer

Other Contributing Artists: Jinghui Dong, Patrick Quah, WRDO
Film Crew: Christopher Ortega, Olivia Taylor-Butler, Kelley Kali, Jheanelle Brown, Jazmine Hill
Film Cast: Alexis Snell, Gregory Kennedy, Cherita Armstrong, Robert Streit

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