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The Order of the Oven Mitt

About The Order of the Oven Mitt

Do you have the appetite to become a Knight of the Oven Mitt?

Complete the Initiation Trial by eating (yes, actually eating) Sacred Squares according to the Sacred Rituals. You’ll have to endure being made to look silly and hope your hunger can last until all the Sacred Squares have been eaten.

You and another Initiate Knight (or in two teams), move about the game board in a chess-knight style movements. Land on a Sacred Square to eat it according to the Sacred Ritual. Move the Squares in your column or row around on the board as holes appear. Stop the other Knight from getting your favourite Sacred Square, or compromise and share together.

The Order of the Oven Mitt is a tabletop, completely edible game for all ages that will get you laughing and strategising while you satisfy your sweet tooth.

Developer's Artistic Statement

I have many things I am passionate about. A small subset of the things I love are: baking dessert, experimental gameplay mechanics, tabletop games, indie game development and being a game designer. I decided to finally join all of these passions together and create a series of edible games.

For the 2016 Global Game Jam, I decided to create another in this series and used the mandated theme of ritual as inspiration. Since eating is often very ritualistic, the theme fitted perfectly… The Order of the Oven Mitt was born.

All game components, other than the Sacred Tome, are edible. This includes the main board and the edible-ink pens used to decorate and personalise your Knight. This design choice means the entire sacred space can be eaten, so that there is no evidence left of it.

My professional game design goal is to make games that foster friendship, curiosity and challenge.

Considering friendship, The Order of the Oven Mitt is a game about eating (which is often a social activity) and is fairly non-competitive. All players can pass the Initiation Trial if they’re able to eat all the Sacred Squares they land on. So although people can compete for the different types of candy, the game mostly encourages you to play in a friendly way.

Considering curiosity, at the beginning of the game, you don’t know what all the Sacred Rituals will be. So players are encouraged to explore and find out what each of the rituals is.

Considering challenge, the game is not about just eating the Sacred Squares. You can move the Squares around on the board, so you need to think ahead to work out which squares you’ll be able to land on or which your opponent can land on.



Developer Info

Jenn Sandercock

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