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About 29

29 is a magical realist point and click game that follows the personal experiences of Bo and Ao; two graduates preparing to move out of their flat. Wander through an intimate flat, and examine the everyday belongings of Bo and Ao. Delve into their thoughts and insights, and mould your interpretation of the characters through branching, multiple-choice dialogue. Have BBQs, play video games, and stay up late just talking in bed.

29 acts as the first chapter to No Longer Home, which will be released episodically. Chapters following 29 will gradually shift focus to the fictionalised characters that Bo and Ao meet after moving out of their flat, continuing the themes of misplacement, otherness, and being caught in limbo.

29's design philosophy springs from the study of psychogeography, studying how playful exploration of a place can tell narrative. In addition to this, scenography plays a significant role; designing game environments like theatre sets, where moving parts and space is considered, and how they can be emblematic of character’s feelings and experiences. 29 draws influence from Arthur Miller, Gabriel García Márquez, J. G. Ballard, Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth, film maker Jan Švankmajer, and games such as Kentucky Route Zero, Gone Home and Nina Freeman's auto-biographical vignette games.

The demo we are submitting takes place midway through the game. Bo and Ao sit down with some friends to play a video game together; a game in which you explore a magical forest in hope of finding a place to live. The forest changes and shifts as you walk through it, taking you to unfamiliar places.



Developer Info

Tom Davison - Lead Writer & Game Designer
Hana Lee - Lead Artist & Game Designer
Nikki Lombardo - Lead Programmer
Liz Rainsberry - Lead Musician & Sound Designer
Derek Daley - Musician & Sound Designer