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VR Screensavers

About VR Screensavers

VR Screensavers is a monument to the emerging pop-tech aesthetic of the 90's. It is a portal into a realm we grew up fantasizing about entering; the endless and colorful world of the screen saver. In VR Screensavers, what was once a two-dimensional barrier is now an explorable, redefined landscape of nostalgia and beauty.

Developer's Artistic Statement

VR Screensavers is a homage to the 90s and a celebration of an important cultural artifact.

The first screensavers were created for a practical purpose: To literally save CRT displays from being “burned” by static pixels. Eventually, these small, non-narrative simulations became appreciated for their creativity and visual experimentation. Conceived in the mid 80s, screensavers came into widespread use just prior to the rapid rise of the internet. To many, the screensaver signified a kind of portal to another realm, and the magic of these small generative animations seemed to be magnified by their autonomous nature. For those in a business, the calming look and sound of a digital aquarium served as a respite to a hectic day. Those in more rural settings could enjoy the exoticism of an ever-growing citiscape.

No longer used for their functional purpose, screensavers are now appreciated for their visual qualities. Virtual reality allows for a spatial experience that lets us honor the visual language of this classic software and pay tribute to this moment in media history.



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