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Wheels of Aurelia

About Wheels of Aurelia

Wheels of Aurelia is a narrative road trip game set in the roaring Italian 70s. Half racing game, half interactive fiction, it tells the story of Lella, a restless woman driving on the roads of the western coast of Italy, the famous Via Aurelia.
Wheels of Aurelia plays like an old-school isometric arcade racer, except that you get to chat with your passenger while driving. The story takes places at the end of the 70s – a time of terrorism, kidnappings, and political turmoil in Italy – and it will introduce you to that world and its dynamics through a cast of characters that you have never met in a video game. It's up to you to discover their motivations for driving along the coast of Italy and away from their homes.

Developer's Artistic Statement

We've always had trouble with how very few games are grounded in reality and reflect or relate to the creators' lives, backgrounds, and culture. We really wanted an opportunity to research what happened in our country during the generation before ours, because it always felt like we were living – as kids – in the aftermath of something important, and that this something that had happened was either concealed or forgotten. It was also an opportunity to let other players – Italians included of course, but more importantly international audiences – into a world they would have otherwise probably never heard of. Ideally, we'd like players to become curious about an era and do their own research into it.



Developer Info

Nicolò Tedeschi and Pietro Righi Riva
Original Concept

Pietro Righi Riva
Director, Producer, Programmer

Nicolò Tedeschi
Art Director

We Are Müesli, Claudia Molinari, Matteo Pozzi
Story and Dialogue

Anna Kipnis
Dialogue System Design and Implementation

Chris Remo
Dialogue Editing

Flaminia Grimaldi
Environment Art

Paolo Tajé
Release Manager

Ernest Nemirovskiy
Extra 3D Art

Luca Francesco Rossi
Extra 2D Art

Patrick Leger
Character Portraits

Matteo Berton
Wheels of Aurelia Logo and Posters

Paolo Tajé, Il Sumero, Mario Porpora

Gipsy Studio, Gianluca Bianco, Cristiano Tommasini, Giordano Sartoretti
"Wheels of Aurelia" Opening Theme

Stefano Righi Riva, Marco Adamoli, Nicolò Sonato
Opening Theme Lyrics

Guido Zoppi
Extra Lyrics

Nicolò Sala
Music on the radio by

Michael Manning
Sound Effects

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