//GameWalk, Family, and Free Events at IndieCade!

Free and Family events take over the weekend of the IndieCade Festival Take a look at some of these events from 2010: Gamewalk, Game U, Outdoor Games, and Workshops

Sixteen Tons created by Nathalie Pozzi and Eric Zimmerman is one of 32 finalist games for 2010. It is a physical installation integrated into part of the 2010 gamewalk. Sixteen Tons received the IndieCade 2010 Award for Developer's Choice as well as an honorable mention by the distinguished jury. .


Experience hands-on gameplay at multiple game galleries and cafés located across downtown Culver City. Finalist games were available to play at the Culver City Fire Station Headqarters, Gregg Fleishmann Studio, the WWA gallery. IndieCade success stories and past awardees were available at Lunch Café, board games at Grand Casino Cafe, and more games at The Village on Parcel B designed by Gregg Fleishman. Click here to learn more

// Culverland

A portion of the sidewalk turned into a board game as Candyland meets Culver City in this temporary public art installation. Culverland was supported by the Culver City Cultural Affairs Commission.

//Big Games

The "Big Games" portion of IndieCade takes games outdoors and gets players moving.

Create your own sock puppet as part of Socks, Inc. and Family Day.

//Family Day

Sunday's programming is always focused on the whole family, including the kids, and it's FREE! With family friendly games at the Culver City Fire Station, board game and sock puppet work shops, chalk games, outdoor games, video game university sessions, interactive story books, and so much more, the kids will have a great time while also learning about this creative medium of expressing oneself.