//2010 Festival was fantastic! Save-the-date: October 6-9 for our 2011 edition.

"IndieCade, the video game industry's Sundance." The Los Angeles Times

IndieCade features independent games of every genre and platform from around the world! IndieCade is three days of gameplay, previews, big games, networking, a dynamic conference, awards, and so much more.... Explore our 2010 festival archive for more information about the event.

IndieCade 2011 will once again be held in the galleries, theaters, and caf├ęs throughout downtown Culver City (Los Angeles), California. Make sure to save-the-dates, October 6-9, 2011

And for all of you gamemakers, submissions for 2011 will open February 14 ...

//IndieCade 2010 Finalist Games and Award Recipients

All games shown at IndieCade are jury selected finalists from an international panel of more than 160 jurors. These games are the crown jewels of the festival. Click here for a complete listing of finalist games.The gamemakers are integral to the conference, and active participants in the gamewalk. At the festival, more than a dozen of these games receive awards in a diverse array of categories. Click here for more information about the Award Recipients. Additionally, an honorary trailblazer award was bestowed to Tim Schafer. Click here for more information about the IndieCade 2010 trailblazer and the award ceremony.

//IndieCade Conference

IndieCade's 2010 conference was co-chaired by Richard Lemarchand (Naughty Dog) & John Sharp (SCAD). The conference sessions were a lively and accessible mix of talks, panel discussions, informal conversation involving independent game creators, game industry professionals, journalists, and critics. Sessions covered topics from design to technology to production processes to business considerations. Click here for more detailed session descriptions. Audio for many of the sessions will be uploaded shortly.


Over the weekend, IndieCade opened its doors to the public in the form of a GameWalk. This free event in 2010 featured hands-on gameplay with the 32 finalist games, as well as outdoor/big games, workshops, and many other games and gameplay experiences across downtown Culver City.Click here for more information about the 2010 GameWalk.

// Outdoor Big Games

The IndieCade 2010 festival offered some of the best outdoor big games from other festivals such as Come Out and Play (NYC) and Hide and Seek (London). Big games ran daily and were open to the public.Click here for overviews of these games. Big Games at IndieCade 2010 was co-curated by Colleen Macklin (PETLab/Parsons) and Jeff Watson (Play LA/USC)

//IndieCade's Family Day

IndieCade offers family programming and 2010 included special big games, exclusive gamemaker presentations, workshops hosted by game design programs at leading university and colleges, and ongoing board game "modding."Click here to find out more about these programs.