// 2010 Honorary Trailblazer Award for Lifetime Achievement

IndieCade is pleased to present its 2010 trailblazer award honoring lifetime achievement to a game designer whose life path and creations embody the ethos of independent video game design and has paved the way for all of our finalists, Tim Schafer.

//IndieCade 2010 Trailblazer Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Tim Schafer

Tim Schafer is the President and CEO of Double Fine Productions, a San Francisco?based video game studio, makers of the critically acclaimed games Psychonauts,Brütal Legend and the recently announced Costume Quest. Prior to Double Fine, Tim was a Project Leader at LucasArts Entertainment Company, where he was responsible for several classic PC adventure games, including Full Throttle and Grim Fandango. Tim also co?designed Day of the Tentacle, and served as a writer and assistant designer on The Secret of Monkey Island 1 & 2.

//IndieCade 2010 Award Ceremony

*IndieCade gratefully acknowledges LeVar Burton for gracing IndieCade with his presence and emceeing the 2010 IndieCade award ceremony. IndieCade would also like to acknowledge the music by 8 Bit Weapon. At the ceremony awards were announced for the following categories: Aesthetics, Amazing, Documentary Game, Fun/Compelling (presented by ShackNews), Gameplay Innovation (presented by BBC Worldwide), Jury Recognition, Sound, Sublime Experience, Vanguard, Virtuoso, Wild Card, World/Story as well as the Honorary Lifetime Achievement Trailblazer Award. At the Sunday night closing party gamemakers announced the Kids' Choice, Audience Choice, and Developers' Choice Awards

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//LeVar Burton's Bio

LeVar Burton has been capturing the admiring attention of both audiences and his industry peers for three decades, and continues to enjoy longevity truly rare within the industry. His deftness in avoiding stereotype continues to be a hallmark of an incredibly diverse career. Whether acting, directing, producing or writing, LeVar has demonstrated, over time that he can do it all. No greater proof of his enduring appeal and deep personal connection with his audience is the fact that LeVar is one of the top 100 most followed people in the world in TWITTER, with over 1.6M followers.

As if following some implausible Hollywood scenario, LeVar’s first professional audition, while pursuing his undergraduate studies at USC, led to his being cast as Kunta Kinte in the acclaimed miniseries ROOTS. The phenomenal success of ROOTS launched his career as an actor, and more importantly, earned his performance as KUNTA KINTE, lasting status as a worldwide icon representing the indomitability of the human spirit. What followed were starring roles in a string of television movies, including ONE IN A MILLION: THE RON LEFLORE STORY, DUMMY, GRAMBLING’S WHITE TIGER, THE GUYANA TRAGEDY and A ROOTS CHRISTMAS: KUNTA KINTE’S GIFT. Among his early feature film credits are LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR, with acclaimed writer/director, Richard Brooks and THE HUNTER, the final motion picture of the icon of cool, Steve McQueen.

An avowed science-fiction buff as well as a devoted fan of the unique vision of Gene Rodenberry, LeVar considers his longtime association with the STAR TREK franchise nothing short of a dream come true. Having grown up in the 60’s and 70’s, a time he remembers as having been, “rare to encounter portrayals of people who looked like me, represented in the popular culture.” Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future provided validation as well as assurance. “Seeing Nichelle Nichols as Lt. Uhura in the original series said to me, ‘when the future comes... there’s a place for me!” Having both appeared in and directed a plethora of TREK incarnations over the years, LeVar adamantly adheres to his optimistic point of view of the future saying, “I’m betting on our ultimate success at rising to our highest level of human expression.” After twenty-five seasons as the host and executive producer of the highly acclaimed PBS children’s television series READING RAINBOW, LeVar ended his long time commitment to the show in favor of exploring other avenues of creative expression. While taking great pride in the series’ role in garnering him a total of 13 Emmy Awards, five NAACP Awards and numerous nominations, he continues to be most proud of Reading Rainbow’s ability to “use the medium of television to help create generations of Americans who are passionate readers”. In 2006 LeVar received a Grammy Award for his narration of the book, THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. Included in the titles LeVar has recorded on tape are THE WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM, THE MILES DAVIS STORY, THE JACKIE ROBINSON STORY as well as THE TENTH INSIGHT and THE CELESTINE VISION by James Redfield, author of the CELESTINE PROPHECY.

Today LeVar is primarily focusing his energy behind the camera as a successful film and TV director. He has directed television as diverse as all four STAR TREK series, CHARMED, LAS VEGAS and more. His first dramatic television movie, THE TIGER WOODS STORY, for Showtime, received three Emmy nominations. His Disney Channel film SMART HOUSE remains one of the most popular original movies in the channel's history. His first full length feature film, BLIZZARD, received numerous accolades including Best of Fest at the 2006 Chicago International Children's Film Festival and had joined the pantheon of classic Holiday movies.

Continuing LeVar's penchant for exploring the human condition through his work, his latest project is REACH FOR ME. This independent feature, which stars Oscar Nominees Alfre Woodard and Seymour Cassel, is an intimate land humorous love story set in the uncommon environs of hospice. LeVar says about the film, "It’s about who we are while we are dying." Returning to his theater roots, LeVar starred in an original work for the stage called The Caterer, by Brian Alan Lane. “About a man who sells you your appropriate death”, the play had a very successful run in Los Angeles and is now being considered for Broadway.

In 2010, Burton signed to star in the NBC movie (and series pilot) THE JENSEN PROJECT, which premiered July 16, 2010. A family oriented drama set in a smart action adventure setting with a sci-fi twist, JENSEN follows LeVar's long history of quality projects appealing to the whole family.

Burton's newest endeavor is the launch of a new production company, formed with his business partner and REACH FOR ME Producer, Mark Wolfe. BURTON/WOLFE ENTERTAINMENT, is a cross platform media company producing television programs, feature films, and original web content. BWE has lined up numerous strategic partnerships with networks, distribution companies and internet portals. A formal announcement and project slate is imminent.