//2012 Festival: Night Games

Night Games

As part of the 2012 IndieCade Festival, don't miss NIGHT GAMES, an unforgettable Saturday evening of moon-lit gameplay! Each year IndieCade's festivalgoers and conferencegoers congregate after sunset, gathering together to explore games ranging from handheld to athletic; from shadowy to luminescent; from meditative to explosive; from solo to multiplayer; from digital to tactile; from planned-for-a-year to spontaneous.

To this year's NIGHT GAMES we're adding live music, special guests, and refreshments to enjoy while playing games that illustrate the artistry, athleticism, and party potential of independent games. More than 24 games & diversions are being planned, and unknown numbers more will instantaneously emerge at the hands of IndieCade's brilliant attendees.

Your festival wristband or conference pass is your ticket to play! Check in at IndieCade village during the festival day or between 7pm and midnight.

//Half Game Showcase, Half Disco Party

The following will take place alongside continual game play:

//7:00 pm - 8:30 pm: Panoramical (Fernando Ramallo and David Kanaga)

Panoramical is an interactive musical landscape controlled with a repurposed DJ device. Players alter the scene with sliders and knobs, gradually changing the world's shapes and sounds. Every combination produce a different environment and musical soundscape that is generated on the fly.

//8:30 pm - 10:00 pm: Renga (Wall Four)

Renga is about finding a way home. Attacked and left for dead, our hero must carefully marshal their resources to build a new ship, confront their nemesis and finally return home. Only this hero isn't visible on the screen - it's the entire audience, working collectively to control the action using laser pointers directed at the screen. Turning the traditional hero's journey on its head, Renga asks the question - what if the ultimate reward can only be grasped by many hands? The show combines real-time crowd interaction technology, retro videogame aesthetics and a wry sense of humour to bring the audience together and leave them feeling a deep sense of camaraderie.

//10:00 pm - 10:30 pm: Class Prez

Matt Piersall hails from Austin Texas where he runs GL33k, a small independent game audio outsourcing company and audio centric app developer. Class Prez will be preforming music from GL33k's latest original game/toy "Cosmic DJ". Cosmic DJ is a musical adventure game where players are encouraged to explore and create in a highly stylized retro-future world. The players music takes direct control of the environment which forms around their own unique creations. This performance will bring the performer and the audience together to create the soundtrack for the evening by combining a live PA set by Class Prez synced with the audience performing with the Cosmic DJ app.

//10:30 pm - 11:00 pm: Phil Fish DJ

//11:00 pm - Midnight: Disasterpeace

Disasterpeace writes music for games, like FEZ. He's accompanied by indie dev and fellow musician Reckahdam, on drums.

//The Night Games

See the entire lineup of games on our 2012 IndieCade Games page.

//0Space (Teknopants)

0Space is a 2-4 player local multiplayer zero gravity death-match game with an acid sci-fi aesthetic. Players are armed with a powerful but slow-reloading gun (that can also be used as a propulsion device), a sword, and three grenades. Everybody must fight to be the last one standing – or floating!

//Aatheuo (Ty Taylor)

Aatheuo (pronounced like "off-uh-you") is a multiplayer tabletop game that combines aspects of Uno, Scrabble, and Rummy.

//BaraBariBall (Noah Sasso)

BaraBariBall is a competitive sports game for two or four players. Score by dunking the ball in the water on the opposing team's side, lose a point for falling into the water yourself. With an emphasis on aerial acrobatics, split-second decision-making and mind-games, BBB has been described as "that perfect mix of pixel elegance and stellar fluid motion, like watching basketball through mosaic sunglasses". (Marc Weidenbaum, Disquiet)

//Cards Against Humanity (Cards Against Humanity LLC)

Cards Against Humanity is party game for horrible people. Unlike most of the party games you've played, this one is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends. The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and the other players answer with their funniest White Card.

//Fistmonger (Bennett Foddy and Tim Rogers)

Two noodly-armed cartoon gentlemen engage in fisticuffs on top of a mountain. Player movement is automatic and your single button is for punching, blocking punches, parrying and kicking the other dude square in the nuts. The winner is the player who knocks the other guy off the cliff.

//Hotline Miami (Dennaton Games)

Step into the neon-soaked underground of 1980s Miami as bizarre messages on your answering machine seem to be urging you to commit terrible acts of violence - but will you obey? Hotline Miami overflows with raw brutality and skull crushing close combat as you find yourself outgunned and using your wits to choreograph your way through impossible situations. An unmistakable visual style, a driving soundtrack, and a surreal plot that will have you question your own thirst for blood.

//Metagalactic Boners Battle at the Edge of Time (Curated by Anna Anthropy)

"interstellar space chaperone anna anthropy curates an hour of games from the darkest pits of the human tomorrow. bring a close friend or enemy. leave with the sense that something cosmic and yet intimate has taken place. an opportunity for personal enrichment."

//Night Lights (Tyler Coleman)

Night Lights is a pictionary-style game that uses light art as its canvas. Players must draw their word without any reference within a short time period. Anyone in the crowd can try to guess the word. Check them out on Facebook!

//Rakete (Mario von Rickenbach)

Rakete is a cooperative multiplayer game for up to 5 players. Each player controls one thruster of the ship with the goal of landing it safely. Let the insanity commence!

//Recurse (Matt Parker)

Recurse for iPad is the indie hit party game you play with your whole body! Using your iPad's front-facing camera, try to control your body so you move as much as possible in the green areas while avoiding the red areas. If you're good enough, your picture will be saved among the high scores for all to see. Not a high score? Try again!

//Songlines (Samantha Vick)

Songlines is a gesture-based musical experience, built in Unity and featuring motion control via Microsoft's Kinect platform. The game's core concept is based on an Aboriginal Australian creation myth in which totemic spirit beings created the world through song and dance. The player takes on the avatar of a primordial creator spirit who flies through a blank and formless landscape, using gestural control via the Kinect and a unique recombinant music system to directly shape and populate the world around her. Songlines provides a sensory experience that is at once relaxing, energizing, and transcendent, as the player watches life burst into being all around her.

//Sphero (Sphero)

Sphero is the world's first robotic ball gaming system that you control with a tilt, touch, or swing from your smartphone or tablet. You can even use Sphero as a controller for on-screen arcade style gameplay or tabletop party games. Single and multi-player apps let you engage in the virtual world and play in the real one. It's the ball evolved. Learn more at GoSphero.com

//Super Hexagon (Terry Cavanagh)

Super Hexagon is a minimal action game by Terry Cavanagh, with music by Chipzel.

//Super Space _____ (Digipen)

Super Space ____ is a couch co-op arcade shooter about competition, cooperation, communication and the democracy of physics. Players control turrets attached to a blocky, misshapen space ship and earn points by shooting a never-ending onslaught of asteroids. Thanks to Newton's Third Law, the recoil from shooting propels the ship. Players must cooperate to avoid hazards and ensure survival, but also compete for weapons and high scores. Super Space ____ was developed by Super Space Team (Alexander Baard and David Scamehorn) at DigiPen.

//Switch (Combiform Inc.)

The game that ties you up in knots finally goes electronic in Combiform's Switch, a fun rendition on the classic Twister. Played with 2 to 4 players, Switch is the ultimate experience in non-screen based gaming. The beginning of the game starts with all 4 controllers connected in the middle, 2 are lit blue and the other 2 are lit purple. Switch's mechanics are very simple: players must switch the position of the 2 purple controllers without separating the blue ones. It may seem easy at first, but soon you wont be able to tell where your body stops, and where your partners begin!

//Swordfight (Kurt Bieg)

Swordfight is a two player physical game played using strap on Atari 2600 controllers. The goal of the game is to press your opponent's button with your joystick before they press yours. Kurt Bieg and Ramsey Nasser are to blame.

//Tennnes (Jan Willem Nijman)

Tennnes is the new tennis. Minimalist sports game about my horrible experiences with tennis lessons as a kid.

//Track and Feel II (Party Time! Hexcellent!)

TRACK+FEEL II is a cooperative, interactive, glitch-art installation for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Two or more players must dance, feel the rhythm, and work together to discover the rules of the "game" as well as its goal. TRACK+FEEL II aims to present glitches and generative chaos as tools of construction rather than destruction. It is inspired by the audiovisual experiences in chiptune performances and the collaborative, friendly interaction they inspire.
Sphero! Familiarize yourself with Sphero’s personality, give Sphero commands and gain access to basic Sphero driving functions. See where you stand on leaderboards and achievements. Even discover new apps as they roll in.

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