IndieXchange: October 4, 2012
IndieXchange provides tailored matchmaking services to independent developers, setting up opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with publishers and institutions interested in funding, publishing, or collaborating.

//All About IndieXchange

  • When Is IndieXchange?

    IndieXchange takes place the day prior to the IndieCade professional conference. This year it will be held October 4, 2012

    To view the IndieXchange schedule click here

  • What happens at IndieXchange?

    IndieXchange is a day-long series of practical, developer-focused workshops, networking opportunities, and one-on-one meetings arranged between developers who have submitted their games to IndieCade and a variety of investors, art leaders, and publishers interested in investing in games and meeting developers.

  • Who is eligible for IndieXchange?

    All teams who submit to IndieCade and indicate on their entry form that they are interested in the 2012 IndieXchange are eligible for participation. This is a benefit of submitting to IndieCade, no one else is eligible.

  • How does the matchmaking portion of the IndieXchange work?

    Matches are made based on mutual interest and are coordinated as in person meetings. Last year, meetings were taken with representatives from companies such as Sony, Microsoft, non-profit organizations such as BBC and the NEA (National Endowment of the Arts), as well as with a number of smaller companies and private investors.

  • What if I want to have my game participate in IndieXchange, but may not be able to be there in person?

    IndieXchange will make connections remotely and if there is mutual interest facilitate follow-up.

  • What type of networking events are included in the IndieXchange?

    The IndieXchange has a lounge for ongoing networking as well as a coffee and a cocktail party.

  • What are the topics of the IndieXchange sessions?

    All IndieXchange sessions are designed as practical and hands-on clinics specifically for Independent developers. Past clinics have included PR, pitching, and IP issues. Each of these clinics provides sample contracts, pr plans, and other useful elements. Every developer who submits to IndieCade are eligible to attend these sessions free-of-charge, however clinic space is limited and requires a rsvp for each workshop.

  • Why would I want to attend?

    This unique opportunity for developers is designed to provide practical skills to help you level-up, connect with key players in the industry and the arts, and put you face-to-face with potential funders, publishers, investors, mentors, or advisers. Even if you aren't interested in this for your current game or already have a great deal, this is a prime opportunity for building a long-term relationship that may benefit your future work.

  • Where is IndieXchange

    IndieXchange is located at 4117 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA 90230 at the Veteran’s Memorial Center just a short distance from the main IndieCade Village at the intersection of two bus lines and ample parking.


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