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Closing Awards

Closing Awards Sunday, October 6th @ 5:00 pm (IndieCade Village)

IndieCade culminates with a closing gameplay (of course) and awards. Join us in the IndieCade village for the fun and celebration as Festival Wide Awards are announced for Audience, Media, and Developer Choice!

The Audience Choice Award
Each year, IndieCade invites attendees to vote for their favorite game of the festival. This is a great way for indie developers to feel appreciated by the audience!

The Developer’s Choice Award
Each year, IndieCade asks its finalists to vote for their favorite game of the festival. This is a way for indie developers themselves to acknowledge their admiration for the work of their peers.

The Media Choice Award
New this year, IndieCade is inviting attending Media to vote for their favorite game of the festival. A great acknowledgement by the media with their discerning taste.

Make sure to Vote for your Audience Choice!
After playing your way through the GameWalk don’t forget to vote for your choice. Every vote makes a difference! Every attendee gets the opportunity to have their voice heard.

Closing Awards

Cookie Bingo is a delicious game by Anna and John. Grab a cookie, select a challenge category and GO! A Cookie Bingo cookie includes four quadrants, each of which is specific to a challenge category. When you complete a challenge for one of your cookie quadrant categories, eat that quadrant of your cookie. The first person to complete a challenge for all four of their cookie quadrants wins. Cookies Bingo cookies are custom made and provided by Isabella's Cookie Company:

Ballots are available at registration throughout the weekend.