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2013 Festival Games

IndieCade celebrates the best indie games of the year. Game developers from around the world converge in Culver City to show their games and this year's festival features 113 of these Officially Selected Games!

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Digital Selects

Official Digital Selctions are a curated collection of some of our favorite and best indie games from the past year. You can play them all in the IndieCade Village.

Open Saturday October 5th 10- 7 and Sunday October 6th 10-5

Check the festival schedule for specific times.

7 Grand Steps

Nominee by Mousechief Co PC, Mac

7 Grand Steps begins like a small but unique board game of resource tactics. Efficient use of tokens is critical to the larger strategy game of building your family legacy. The short term goal of the board game mechanic, collecting beads, enables the intermediate goals of great legends. Collect enough beads to earn a legend. One generation is rarely sufficient. So raising of children and guiding their stories come into play: sibling rivalry, rites of passage, romance, tales in the life. These stories bring the generations to life. How will you build your family legacy of discoveries, of adventures, of social advancement even unto ruling the land via narrative mini-games? At the end of an age, each social class offers it's own challenge to that legacy. Those who made a difference in the world have the advantage. Will your lineage survive into the next age?


Nominee by Travis Chen Flash

BUDLR is a four player bomb blasting bonanza intended to be installed in a busy public place, projected on a wall. Innovative text message controls allows anybody to join in on the bomb blasting fun. Each of the four characters has an associated telephone number. Text message your controls to the corresponding telephone number to move the character and drop bombs. BUDLR aims to present innovative crowd controls and an intriguing game that demands passerby attention.


Nominee by Large Animal Games iPad

Color Zen is a new kind of puzzle game. With simple, intuitive controls, the game invites you to relax and immerse yourself. The game builds a straightforward yet truly unique game mechanic into a complex series of puzzle challenges. Players simply drag a series of colored shapes onto one another, merging those with the same exterior color to flood the background of the screen with that shade, and matching the background to the border of the screen to clear each level. There are no points and no penalties for failure in Color Zen -- just minimalist, meditative puzzle-solving set to original music,

Dominique Pamplemousse

Nominee by Deirdra Kiai Windows

Dominique Pamplemousse is an interactive musical comedy in stop motion, in which the titular protagonist is a down-on-their-luck private investigator of ambiguous gender only one rent payment away from homelessness. When the CEO of a major record company shows up asking Dominique to locate a missing pop star, taking the job appears to be the straightforward thing to do. However, as things are never quite as they seem in these kinds of stories, Dominique winds up framed for a crime they didn’t commit, bringing to surface their mysterious past and the events that led them to take up shady detective work in the first place.


Nominee by Psychic Bunny iPhone

FREEQ is an audio adventure game about eavesdropping and meddling with the future.The game turns your handheld device into an antenna that can pick up and hijack radio signals from the distant future. Spy on the last society on Earth, interfere with people's lives, and try to solve the mystery of what ended the world. FREEQ uses a unique storytelling engine that allows players to influence the events of the future by choosing who speaks to whom, and when. Written and performed in the style of classic radio dramas from the early twentieth century, FREEQ provides the audience an opportunity to lose themselves in a future no one ever imagined.

Gravity Ghost

Nominee by Ivy Games Windows

Gravity Ghost is a game about Iona, a recently deceased 12-year-old, and her friend the ghost fox. Using the force of gravity to navigate a series of unusual planets, she meets strange guardian creatures and even stranger people. Able to fly through space, she must prevent a black hole from consuming the tiny planets where her new friends live - and hopefully find a way back to her own home.


Nominee by Richard Perrin Windows

Journal is a puzzle-less adventure game focusing on character interaction through dialogue. You guide a young girl through the difficulties of child hood and through your decisions shape how she chooses to remember events and how those choices affect her relationships with other people in her life.


Nominee by Mattie Brice Windows

This is an experiment in sharing a personal experience through a game system. It helps communicate daily occurances that happen in my life as a multi-racial transgender woman. It also explores the difficulty in expressing these feelings in words. It is described as an empathy sim, inviting players to understand a situation through its system- not to game it, or succeed in some manner, but to simply bask in it and relate. As well, it stands as a commentary of how we currently use game design for broad strokes of universal experiences instead of the hyper-personal, and often exclude minority voices.

Outer Wilds

Nominee by Team Outer Wilds PC, Mac, Linux

Outer Wilds is a space exploration game that invites you to embark on a cosmic expedition into a turbulent world driven by forces beyond your control. Let curiosity be your guide as you explore the depths of a gas giant, meet fellow travelers on quantum moons, and roast marshmallows at the end of the Universe.


Nominee by Whitaker Trebella iPhone

Pivvot is a thrilling game of strategic avoidance. As players progress through the game, their reaction time and logic process will be increasingly tested. It is a two-button game with minimalistic art and gameplay that will challenge players at every turn.

Potatoman Seeks the Troof

Nominee by Pixeljam Mac, Windows, Linux, Ouya

Potatoman Seeks the Troof is a short-form, story-driven, surreal and challenging adventure for Mac, PC and Linux. In a world where the Troof is always out of grasp, Potatoman quests through the riddle. Across desert wastelands, thick forests, and dystopian cities, nothing is what it seems. With only his wits, his jump, and a question, Potatoman must die a thousand deaths to find the ultimate answer!

Project Holodeck

Nominee by Holodeck Interactive, Inc.

Project Holodeck is a fully embodied VR gaming platform combining the peripheral vision of Oculus Rift with motion tracking hardware. We’ve created a virtual reality playspace for two players over a network, including a virtual game world called “Wild Skies” that players interact within. The 15’x15’ physical space is matched by the virtual space within the games. The act of feeling strongly present in the virtual world can be a shock to many new players, but looking down and seeing your avatar moving in tandem with the body, as well as the avatar of your fellow player, is a powerful experience that is uniquely surreal. Our goal is to stretch the limitations of what can be experienced in this emerging medium of VR gaming. With the hardware platform we have pieced together, it is possible to explore fascinating new gameplay mechanics, narrative techniques, and virtual spaces on a single system.


Nominee by Enemy Airship Windows

Scale is an first person puzzle that allows players to freely manipulate spatial relationships between objects and environments in an inviting, dreamlike world.


Nominee by Strange Loop Games Android Tablet

Explore and interact with the insides of a living cell to achieve your goals. SimCell puts you in control of a nanobot injected into a human cell, and you must use the cell's organelles to help strengthen it against a virus attack. Control characters at multiple levels of zoom, from the cellular level to the DNA level, creating interactions between the two.


Nominee by Robin Arnott Windows

SoundSelf is a sensual exploration game about the intrinsic pleasure of playing instead of the rewards of winning. You use your voice to explore a hypnotic world of sounds and visuals that feel like they are emerging directly from your body. Each tone will navigate you through strobing tunnels-of-light, impossible shapes, and into a meditative trance. The result is an elegant symmetry of image, sound and body that takes advantage of loopholes in the way you perceive to facilitate a new experience of yourself and your world. There is no right way to play SoundSelf: Play with different sounds and the game will dance with you, or sustain long tones and SoundSelf will take you deep into your own sonic universe. Play alone, or share the experience with friends - no two players will have the same journey, and no one player will experience what many will together.

Tenya Wanya Teens

Nominee by Uvula + Wild Rumpus + Venus Patrol PC with Special Boxes

It's a coming-of-age tale about love, hygiene, monsters and finding discarded erotic magazines in the woods. It’s a silly party game for two players armed with sixteen buttons each

Tower No Tumble

Nominee by Die Gute Fabrik Sifteo

Tower No Tumble is a physical Sifteo game for 1 to 4 players. Stack, blast, and bobble a tower of cubes - just don’t knock it down! Players take turns flicking one cube at a wall or tower built out of the other cubes. The harder you jostle the tower, the more points you earn. But careful, you gain no points if you topple the tower! Play in a variety of ways, including Competitive, Co-op, and Silly modes. Tower No Tumble features graphics by Nils Deneken, and sound by Alessandro Coronas.

Valdis Story: Abyssal City

Nominee by Endless Fluff Windows

Valdis Story: Abyssal City is a 2D side scrolling exploration platformer for PC, with an emphasis on intricate and rewarding combat as well as deep play style customization. The player will assume the role of one of 4 characters caught in a war between demons and angels. Explore the ruins of fallen city and discover the truth behind the war between the Dark Goddess Myrgato and her twin sister the Light Goddess Alagath.

Word Realms

Nominee by Asymmetric Windows

Word Realms is word-puzzle game that rewards creative play with in-game success and sarcastic one-liners. We embraced the RPG format as a framework that allowed us to deeply explore the kinds of systems and mechanics that could arise out of a game based on arranging letter tiles into words. Combined with thousands and thousands of lines of written banter, gameplay is challenging and funny in equal proportions.