//IndieCade East: Night Games

Night Games

A signature event of the IndieCade Festival! Don't miss NIGHT GAMES at Museum, an unforgettable Saturday evening of gameplay when IndieCade's game creators and attendees congregate after dark to explore games ranging from handheld to athletic, from shadowy to luminescent, from meditative to explosive, from solo to multiplayer, from digital to tactile. All of the games on exhibit are open for play. Don't miss this highlight!

Night Games will take place Saturday, February 16th between 7:00- 10:00 PM at the Museum of the Moving Image. The IndieCade Games exhibit will be open for gameplay as part of this event.


2012 Official Selection
Strange FlavorUSA


BaraBariBall is a competitive sports game for two or four players. Score by dunking the ball in the water on the opposing team’s side, lose a point for falling into the water yourself. With an emphasis on aerial acrobatics, split-second decision-making and mind-games, BBB has been described as “that perfect mix of pixel elegance and stellar fluid motion, like watching basketball through mosaic sunglasses”. (Marc Weidenbaum, Disquiet)

//Hit Me!

2012 Nominee
Kaho AbeUSA


Hit Me! is a two-player hyper-interactive, physical game that tests speed, agility and the ability to take good snapshots. Utilizing wireless technology and incorporating the concept of the metagame, Hit Me! encourages face-to-face real-world interactions, not only by the players but also by the spectators. The object of the game is to hit the opponent’s button on top of the head. Once a hit is made, the hitter’s camera takes a snapshot of the victim. The hitter receives a point for the hit, and up to 2 additional points can be awarded by the Judge based on the quality of the snapshot. The snapshots, points and times are projected on a wall for spectators to observe.

//Panoramical: A Musical Landscape

2012 Official Selection
Fernando Ramallo and David KanagaCountry

Panoramical: A Musical Landscape

Panoramical is an interactive musical landscape controlled with a repurposed DJ device. Players alter the scene with sliders and knobs, gradually changing the world's shapes and sounds. Every combination produce a different environment and musical soundscape that is generated on the fly. Panoramical is designed for the gallery setting where players can explore, fiddle and immerse themselves in the changing environments. It's also great to play at night.


2012 Official Selection
Mario von Rickenbach


Rakete is a cooperative multiplayer game for up to 5 players. Each player controls one thruster of the ship with the goal of landing it safely. Let the insanity commence!


2012 Nominee
wallFourUnited Kingdom


Renga is about finding a way home. Attacked and left for dead, our hero must carefully marshal their resources to build a new ship, confront their nemesis and finally return home. Only this hero isn't visible on the screen - it's the entire audience, working collectively to control the action using laser pointers directed at the screen. Turning the traditional hero's journey on its head, Renga asks the question - what if the ultimate reward can only be grasped by many hands? The show combines real-time crowd interaction technology, retro videogame aesthetics and a wry sense of humour to bring the audience together and leave them feeling a deep sense of camaraderie.

Renga was awarded with the IndieCade Game Developer Choice Award.

//Roaming Gnomes

2013 Special Selection and World Premiere
ESI DesignUnited States


A ridiculous group challenge about communication and teamwork, inspired by Spaceteam.

Welcome to the intersection of Gmane Street and Gninth Avenue, the most trafficked area of Gnometopolis… during the lunchtime rush… on the busiest Gnome holiday of the year, Gnu Years Eve. Your team's job is to get the Gnomes and their props to exactly where they need to be as quickly as possible – unfortunately every player has different commands and different abilities, all of which happen to be written in Gnomish. Can your group make all the right moves before time runs out?

The game can be played with 10 or more participants, ideally over 20. All players will be required read a mix of English and gibberish. Each round lasts roughly 15 minutes.


2013 Special Selection and World Premiere
Hide and SeekUnited Kingdom


Searchlight is a co-operative, physical game for two players, played with wooden blocks, a Kinect, a projector, and four fast feet.Two players work together to pick up objects that have been placed around the floor, and move them away from the central, lit area. A beam of light is projected onto the floor and objects; players have to avoid the light or freeze when it hits them. Those who collect all the objects before time runs out win; but those who aren't careful get caught moving by the searchlight.


2012 Nominee


Created by researchers and students at NYU-PolyÕs Game Innovation Lab, Yamove! is a b-boy style dance battle game that uses tech to augment face-to-face dancing. Players compete in pairs, aiming for high intensity, in-synch, diverse dance routines. Each player wears an iOS device strapped to his/her forearm, and teams compete in 3 rounds. The game is hosted by an MC and results are displayed on a big screen. Scoring is based on accelerometer data from the devices. The experience is more social and spectacular than the current console-based dance games, because players face off and the crowd forms more naturally around them and the MC. The game was inspired by research that shows how being physically 'in synch' brings people together emotionally and builds trust.

// The IndieCade Games exhibit will be open for gameplay as part of this event.