//IndieCade East: Show Your Work

2013 Show Your Work
An opportunity to see and to share new work.
Find information about all IndieCade East sessions, talks, panels, and speakers below, and check out the full schedule here.

IndieCade East offers an unique exhibition and presentation opportunity for game creators to exhibit new work and work in progress. A specially designated show and tell exhibition space is provided for hands on gameplay and demonstrations. As a component to the show-and-tell, all particpants have the opportunity to present their game as part of IndieCade's signature GameSlam. Read below for more information on signing up for or attending the Show and Tell exhibit or the GameSlam.

//Show and Tell Sign Up

Friday, February 15, 4:00 - 8:00 PM
Want to show your game at IndieCade East? Sign up to be part of Show and Tell showcase! You'll get a time slot to share your game with the IndieCade East audience, hear player feedback, pitch your game, and do a quick presentation during the IndieCade East Game Slam! So swing by the sign up desk from 4-8pm on Friday (first come, first serve, spaces are limited) for a chance to game to the world!

All attendees with a full conference pass can sign up during our open sign up session (first come, first serve) for a time slot in our Show and Tell Lounge. Game Makers will be able to show their game at IndieCade East during that time slot and present it during our Ouya hosted Game Slam. Come early, sign up and you're in!

//Show and Tell Lounge

Saturday, February 16 & Sunday, February 17th The Show and Tell Lounge is Open 11:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Come check out what the newest games from the IndieCade community. Game makers will be sharing their games to the general public and they'll be there to talk to you about what inspires them, how they made their game, and listen to your feedback!

//Game Slam

Saturday, February 16, 4:00 - 5:00 PM
It's like a poetry slam, only with games. See the games showing in IndieCade's festival long Show-And-Tell! Or bring your game and get ready to unveil it to a group of eager game devs and game lovers. Hear the mastermind ideas behind developer's work, their process of development and plans. Keep your spiels short and snappy and make sure to sign up early - there's many eager to show and tell. Sign ups will go through the IndieCade Show and Tell. The Game Slam is an informal affair and a good time for anyone who's made a game, wants to make a game or appreciates that people make awesome games. Come out and see for yourself. GameSlam is hosted by Ouya.

Thank you to Ouya for providing the Show and Tell Lounge space and hosting the GameSlam