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Sessions for folks interested in learning about the game development process, how to start developing on their own, and what making a game is about.

Game U Introduction:
Date: Saturday, October 5th, 10 AM- 12 PM
Location: Foshay Lodge, 9635 Venice Blvd, Culver City

Game U:
Date: Sunday, October 6th, 10 AM - 5 PM
Location: IndieCade Village, 9400 Culver Blvd, Culver City

Game U is a special conference at the IndieCade Festival of Independent Games that focuses on pulling back the curtain on the game development process, and the work that game designers do. Specially designed for a diverse audience from entertainment and media professionals who want to learn about the game development process to amateur game creators who are considering trying to become professional.

Game U sessions start Saturday and Sunday, October 5-6th, and will cover an introduction to game development tools, processes, and roles, as well as opportunities to meet working professionals in the game industry. Game U is chaired by Jeremy Gibson.

GameU Curriculum Overview

Saturday, October 5th:

  • Introduction to Game Design and Making the Most of IndieCade, Foshay Lodge
  • Game Design Workshop
Sunday, October 6th
  • Game Design Workshop Mini
  • Game Design Workshop Playtest
  • Tools-a-Plenty (Corona, Unity, Unreal…)
  • Breaking into the Industry
  • Keynote

More about the GameU

When Is GameU?
A unique opportunity for folks interested in entering the game industry or for refining skills, GameU is held Saturday October 5th and Sunday October 6th. While advised to spend both days it is no problem to take an assortment of sessions and enjoy the rest of the festival!

What happens at GameU?
GameU is a series of workshops, panels, and sessions,, as well as opportunities to meet and network with developer and game industry experts and professionals.

Who is eligible for GameU?
There are no requirements except interest! Game U or higher pass is required.

What kind of sessions are held at the GameU?
GameU is a series of classes providing information about new tools, about the basics of designing games, setting up teams, and leveraging your presence at IndieCade.

What if I have already made a game, would this be a good way for me to go to IndieCade?
Absolutely! The game design workshop is awesome for honing everyone’s skills. However, if you are a seasoned developer however you might want to consider upgrading to the Festival Plus pass in order to attend bootcamps and more developer focused sessions.

What if I have never made a game, would this be a good way for me to go to IndieCade?
Absolutely! You will get a chance to work on one at GameU!!

What else should I know about GameU?
This is a great opportunity to learn from the best and rub shoulders with top designers. It will sell out..