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GameWalk & Tournaments

GameWalk Locations & Info

IndieCade’s signature GameWalk
Saturday October 5th (10 am - 7 pm) and Sunday October 6th (10am - 5 pm)

9600 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
IndieCade Village
9300 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

Pick up this years game companion and play your way through hundreds of the best indie games of IndieCade. Nominees, Award winners, Official selections, and exhibits from PlayStation, Nintendo, Ouya, and more...

See this years nominated and seleted games here and exhibits.

Tournaments Schedule: Satuday

11am - 12pmZombie ShuffleVillage, Table Games
12pm - 1pmZombie WardVillage, Big Games 2
1pm - 2pmTowerfallFirehouse
2pm - 3pmEdgar Rice SoiréeVillage, Mall
3pm - 4pmKiller QueenVillage
4pm - 5pmTowerfallFirehouse
5pm - 6pmNidhoggFirehouse
6:30pm - 8pmKill Him and You Will Be FamousVillage, Big Games 1

Tournaments Schedule: Sunday

10am - 11amNidhoggFirehouse
11am - 12pmTowerfallFirehouse
12pm - 1pmThese French Fries are Terrible Hot DogsVillage, Tabletop Games
1pm - 2pmEdgar Rice SoiréeVillage, Mall
2pm - 3pmNidhoggFirehouse
3pm - 4pmSpaghetti StandoffVillage, Big Games 1
4pm - 5pmeSports GamesVillage, Mall

GameWalk Activities

Button Mash

trade sequence

Friday October 4th through Sunday October 6th
The IndieCade Button Mash is this year's GameWalk Festival game. Collect all 8 unique pin-back buttons! Earn the 4 Common Buttons by collecting mementos from developers for playing their GameWalk games. Earn the 4 Rare Buttons by completing special quests around the festival. Collect 5 or more buttons to claim a prize!



Saturday October 5th, Sunday October 6th
If you’re a fan of friendly competition and social play, be sure to check out this year’s IndieCade Tournaments. Find the travelling Tourney Master at one of the many competitive games featured at the festival this year, and wager your Tourney Tickets against friends or other eager opponents. If you earn five tickets, you’ll have a shot at the rare and prized Tournaments Button!

Trade Sequence

trade sequence

Saturday, October 5th
Some green-headband-wearing volunteers will be looking for an item on Saturday afternoon. If you bring them what they need, they'll give you something in return. Help enough people and maybe something good will happen!

Vote for your Audience Choice!

After playing your way through the IndieCade games don’t forget to vote for your choice. Ballots are at registration and your vote counts! Everyone attending the festival is eligible to vote!

Ballots are available at registration throughout the weekend.