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Austin Wintory

Austin Wintory Photo by Emily Reese

Austin Wintory began his obsession with composing back when he was ten years old, when he discovered Jerry Goldsmith’s scores to Patton and A Patch of Blue. After a busy high school career composing for the student orchestras, Austin went on to study at NYU and USC with composers Morten Lauridsen, Charles Fussell, and Erica Muhl. Never satisfied with working in a single medium, Austin has worked in the concert world, film music, video games, and miscellaneous others.

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Chipzel is the alias of Niamh Houston, an independent artist from Northern Ireland who indulges in the use of Gameboys to create energetic, melodic dance tracks. Through taking the original 8bit sound and manipulating it into something frantically hard-hitting, Chipzel has seen crowds of all ages turn to “raving loons”, taken right back to their days of retro gaming.

The Videri String Quartet

Videri Photo by Pamela Hersch

IndieCade is thrilled to welcome The Videri String Quartet, that will be playing the Red Carpet Awards as well as other events over the course of the festival weekend.

vi•de•ri \vi-?d?-r?\ vb [Lat.]
1 : To be seen 2 : To see and understand 3 : A classically trained string quartet with a focus on playing video game music

The Quartet:?
Aubrey Holmes & Pamela Cumming, Violin
Roselie Samter, Viola
Jeremiah Barcus, Cello

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Music Schedule


Red Carpet Awards Ceremony- Videri String Quartet


Beer Garden Party- Videri String Quartet


11:30am-12:30pmVideri String Quartett
2:00pm-3:00pmVideri String Quartet
1pm - 2pmDJDK (DJ)
Night GamesAustin Wintory and Chipzel


10am-11amVideri String Quartett
12:30pm-1:30pmVideri String Quartet
3-4pmColleen Macklin (DJ)
Closing PartyDJ (TBD)